Tage der Offenen Tür 2016/17

Unser Tag der Offenen Tür war wieder ein toller Erfolg. Herzlichen Dank an die Organisation der Schule und unserer Abteilung.

Impressionen findet Ihr auf der Schulhomepage: http://htl-ottakring.at/index.php/8-news/878-erfolgreiche-tage-der-offenen-tuer-2016 – wir freuen uns über die vielen interessierten Besucher, die tollen Leistungen unserer Schülerinnen und Schüler. Danke auch an die unterstützenden Lehrerinnen und Lehrer.

weiter Bilder auf unserem Fotostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/w16_e2pub/albums/72157675515036021

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4 Gedanken zu “Tage der Offenen Tür 2016/17”

  1. Hi people,

    Today I would like to discuss our open house day with you.
    On the 11 & 12 of November, our day of the open house took place.
    • On Friday, our day of the open house was from 1 to 6:30 o clock.
    • On Saturday, our day of the open house was from 9 to 1 o clock .
    First I was a presenter. I showed our visitors my Arduino Project.
    It was an ultrasonic scanner with a display. After I showed my project to a couple of people, I was a leader with Käfer Donovan.
    Our future students seemed very interested and asked a lot of questions.
    We both presented our school very well and showed them the main attractions of our department.

    A fantastic idea were those snacks… I loved the chips and wafers. 🙂
    All in all, the day was a success and I think many students will register to our school.

    Feel free to comment on our open house day!
    Hope to hearing from you soon,
    Viktor Nowak (3AHEL)

  2. Hello people,

    Thank you, Viktor for your contrbution on the open house day.
    My job was also to show the visitors our school and my impression was that they were very interested to see our school, but sometimes I thought, though that their parents were more interested than their kids.
    However I think all in all it was a good day and from my point of view we presented our school well.
    In the future I would improve the organisation, so our students exactly know what to do.
    I hope you liked my ideas and feel free to comment.
    See you,
    Lukas Leithner (3AHEL)

  3. Hello followers,
    I’ve read the comments by Lukas and Viktor and I would like to add my view. Overall I thought that we, as a school left a positive impression on most of the visitors. The majority of people who visited were interested in the projects we showcased. I felt that at the beginning of the event there were less visitors than later. At around 3 o’clock people started to pour into our department.
    All in all it was a succesful event, nevertheless the question is wheter we can improve the Open House Days? My suggestion would be to tell the guides not to take the same routes with the visitors, so they are equally spread throughout the day.
    If you have other suggestions, please comment!
    Have a good one,
    Tim Haselsteiner [3AHEL]

  4. Hi there,
    I can totally agree with Tim that our school left a positiv impression on our visitors.
    Nevertheless, I have one minor point which could be improved: I think that easier projects are better for showcase than difficult ones, because most visitors do not have a detailed or a sound knowledege of electronics so some of them might have been quite overwhelmed.
    But all in all it was as succesfull day on which our school was presented in a very positive light.
    Florian Ehart [3AHEL]

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